Congratulations on joining the Partner Community of the World's #1 Entrepreneurs Education Group.

By partnering with the Genius Group you will discover how you can maximize your impact and generate revenue in a post pandemic business!

Roger Hamilton, Suraj Naik and Michelle Clarke, ran a
Masterclass in March which covered

"The Top 3 ways to profit from a post pandemic business".

During this special masterclass we launched how our partners can earn from $40k to over $1M in the next 12 months.

If you would like to find out how you can join in, please book a call with one of our expert Genius Igniters

Our own ed tech Genius Group is also experiencing a 50% year on year growth, despite the global recession, with an additional 1M students set to join us in the next 12 months.

One of the main reasons for this incredible growth has been the focus on the growth of community and partnerships.

During this masterclass Roger shared the best ways to capitalise on the ed tech revolution that is happening and how you can make sure you are growing your own education business through building community and partnerships.

Roger also shows you how you can personally earn upwards of $1M in the next 12 months as one of our key partners at the same time as being gifted $100,000 of share options in Genius Group.

We have over $10M of share options to hand out before the end of April to our partners, as we head to IPO and grow our curriculum and reach to over 2.5M students this year. We also have over $10M of faculty earnings to give out in the next 12 months.

Our partners are all part of the Education Revolution, using the latest technology and by being part of the most powerful community of mentors globally, are focused at bringing their niche content and communities to our growing Education Group.

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Email: partnerships

Ann Pirone

Partnerships Onboarding Manager

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Stacey Webber

Partnerships Community Manager

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Duncan Stanley

GEM Community Manager

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Partnerships Manager

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Chief Partnerships Officer

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Meet our Curriculum Partners

Sofie Marin

Arts Dynamics

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Jo Formosa

Health Dynamics

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Yuka Yanagita

Love Dynamics

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Violetta Terpeluk

Financial Planning

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Simon Zutshi

Wealth Dynamics for Real Estate Investors

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Laura Hartley

Talent Dynamics for Recruitment

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Peter Vogel

Talent Dynamics for Luxury Hospitality

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Meet our Community Partners

Kim Grimard

French Canada

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Domas Zdanevičius


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Sofie Marin


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Monica Batsukh


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Tamami Ushiki


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Patchanan Khongwanitkitjaroen


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Chieh Pai


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Esmeralda Herrera


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What do you get as a partner in the launch?

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