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Join us as a partner in the Great Re-Ignition

Post-pandemic, record numbers are quitting their jobs and following their purpose. The media call it the Great Resignation.

We call it the Great Reignition, as everyone Reignites their Genius. It takes a Reinvention and a Reeducation. So join GeniusU in 2022, as we launch our biggest year ever.

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Places are limited to take part as a partner and from previous experience, we know that places will fill quickly!

A once in a lifetime
partnership opportunity

We are inviting our global community to be part of our exciting changes in 2022 where we are launching our Meta-university.

3 Big Reasons to Join Us As a Partner in 2022


Earn significant revenues as one of our content or location partners for Entrepreneurs Institute. Starting at $40k per year as a consultant and heading to over $5M per year in revenues for our locations



Have your content or city spotlighted to over 2.5M entrepreneurs in the next 12 months and take home some of the $10M we are giving away in faculty earnings over the next year



Join our world class training and certification programme and even have the opportunity to create your own certifications


Spaces are limited.
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The Problem

Individuals from students to employees to freelancers to startup founders want to learn how to be entrepreneurial and "create a job" instead of needing to "get a job".

The current education system and online courses do not provide any recognized curriculum that they can rely on.

With the current job crisis, education crisis and pandemic, this problem has become more pronounced than ever.

Our Solution

We deliver a personlised life-long learning solution with an AI-driven EdTech platform and a full entrepreneur curriculum.

Our EdTech Platform GeniusU, and our entrepreneur curriculum has already proven to be in high demand, with over 2.5 million students across 20, 345 cities already using our curriculum in camps, events, accelerators, schools, universities and companies.

Our Curriculum

is being used by leading companies and schools around the world.

We have developed a lifelong curriculum to provide a full, government accredited entrepreneurial alternative. From early learning education to primary and secondary school, university and adult learning, we personalize a learning path that is unique to each student's needs.

Our Calendar

has over 1,000+ live events, courses and summits held virtually each year.

Our Faculty

includes the world's leading entrepreneurs.

With over 2,000 certified mentors and trainers delivering online and in person education with content from world famous entrepreneurs and NY times Bestleslling thought leaders.

Our Global

Community includes over 2.5 Million students with over 1,000 new students joining everyday.

Our Community spreads over 200 countries, 20.345 cities, taking our courses online and in person, in multiple languages.

Our Campuses

Our Entrepreneur community meets online vis GeniusU or in person, at our 1,000+ events and microschools, and at our own school, university and city campuses.

The campuses we have launched and acquired include our city center Genius Central Campus in Singapore, the E-Square primary and secondary schools, the Tau Game Lodge in South Africa, the University of Antelope Valley in California, USA, and the Genius Café Beach club and Vision Villa Resort in Bali, Indonesia, attracting over 100,000 entrepreneurs a year.

Our Clients

Companies that are already using the Genius Group Entrepreneur curriculum include many of the largest companies in the world, including Google, Microsoft & IBM.

Our Lifelong Curriculum

Our Curriculum is being created in direct response to the challenges in the current education system. We began by making our curriculum as an addition for the existing education system. We are now developing a lifelong curriculum to provide a full government accredited entrepreneurial alternative to the current systems offered from K-12, through university, and on to vocational and entrepreneurial training. We believe that students, employees, freelancers, and startup founders all want to learn how to be entrepreneurial and “create a job” instead of needing to “get a job”.

We believe that the current education system and online courses do not provide any recognized curriculum that they can rely on.

The global education industry is in dire need of revitalization. The 2020 World Economic Forum “Schools of the Future” report highlights the urgent need for a more relevant curriculum to prepare students and adults for the future. The COVID-19 crisis has amplified the necessity to overhaul the system.

Why we need and are looking for Partners like you

We need your help to grow this and fulfil our mission. We need smart content to add to our curriculum. We are also looking for communities locally in different areas and regions where we already have a large following but nobody to help them grow and access the resources they need.

What do you get as a
partner in the launch?

There are 6 options for you to choose from

Faculty routes

Community routes

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

Who should join us as a Partner?

We only have space for a limited number of partners who can take up the share options with this launch and once the spots are filled, they are filled

You should come and join us if:

You see yourself as a leader of the Entrepreneur Movement in this next 12 months and decade


You already have quality content that you want to get in front of 2.5M entrepreneurs and have it added as part of an entrepreneurial diploma


You already have a warm community of entrepreneurs in your local area or within your specialist niche and you are looking for new, cutting edge content for them to learn and resources for them to grow


You want to co-create content with us, or translate our existing content into a new language


You are looking to start a new business as an educator or community builder


What is the Genius 5.0 curriculum

The biggest challenge most entrepreneurs have today as we move into 2022 and the digital decade, is being stuck in the mindset of Entrepreneur 4.0. In the last decade you had to make a choice as an entrepreneur: Did you want to work hard as a tech startup with the benefit of exponential growth? Did you want to travel and be a digital nomad with the benefit of lifestyle and freedom? Did you want to be a social entrepreneur and make a difference in the world?

Now, as many of us are still in lockdown but with much improved data at our fingertips and one global entrepreneur community, you no longer need to choose.

Being a Genius 5.0 Entrepreneur means designing your business to have the best of all worlds. It means not choosing offline or online, but using the digital layer to enhance reality and create meaningful, measurable change.

Following the success of the Crisis Leadership Academy and Entrepreneur Summer School where over 500 entrepreneurs pivoted their offline businesses to digital, we are now running the suite of 8 x Genius 5.0 Microschools giving you the flexibility to personalise your digital learning experience based on the specific needs of your business, your team's skill set and your customers.

Whether you’re just starting out, you’re part of a small business, or you already have an established enterprise, we have the solutions to help you succeed in the digital space and prosper in the new year and beyond.

As well as being a great space for education as an entrepreneur the Genius 5.0 microschools form the parts of a certified diploma in entrepreneurship.


GeniusU is a web and mobile platform which connects over 2.5+ million entrepreneurs to the right network, knowledge and opportunities based on their personal values, vision, passions, talents, and purpose.

GeniusU's A.I. Genies give personalized recommendations on who to meet, how to upskill, where to go and what to do based on their stage of business growth, global location and other personalized information.

GeniusU Is Home To The Global Entrepreneur Movement, With Over 1,000,000 Social Entrepreneurs And Impact Investors Collaborating Together To Grow Their Income And Impact.

Together we have a mission to accelerate our collective progress to achieve the 17 United Nations Global Goals.

A Global Community Of purpose driven Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs Learning & Earning On GeniusU

With over 1 million members and growing by 1,000 a day, GeniusU is the largest online platform for entrepreneurs.


Giving Impacts made to date

Today, it is the entrepreneurs of the world who have the greatest power to trigger change. In partnership with Buy1Give1 GeniusU members can make giving impacts on GeniusU to support causes aligned with their purpose.


Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU

Cities With Members & Events On GeniusU

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